About us

Rizon Jet UK takes exclusivity into a new dimension.  The award-winning architect-designed facility boasts world-class lounges, boardrooms, private suites and offices where life can be lived, business can be done and relaxation can be enjoyed in the utmost luxury. Just 12 miles from London Mayfair and less than ten minutes transit by helicopter to Battersea, the facility is open 24 hours a day, offering an integrated full-service terminal and MRO just for you.   

Service beyond expectations 

Our dedication to satisfying your every need is inexhaustible, from serving delicious food of your choice right through to maintaining your aircraft to standards that exceed international regulations – you can leave every detail to our professional perfectionists. 

Welcome to a whole new world of private aviation.

Discover the Rizon Jet difference… 

Located at a metropolitan airport, the Rizon Jet facility at London Biggin Hill is unique in the world of business aviation – combining a maintenance operation and a fixed base operation in a single, world-class fully integrated facility. The twin operations are unified not just by the quality of our state-of-the-art facilities, but by the exceptional service delivered by everyone from our engineers to our front-of-house customer service professionals.

…it’s unfamiliar to the industry 

Rizon Jet is here for you, to be everything you need it to be. We celebrate our approach to fulfilling your needs by not accepting industry standards of service or quality. The range of services available takes exclusivity one step further, giving you access to self-drive super cars, full concierge services and a whole variety of bespoke luxury branded products directly at the London facility.  Our mission is to unsettle the status quo, to encourage change and to introduce a new appreciation for the benefits of owning, chartering or sharing a business aircraft in all its forms. 

… it’s refreshing

When you travel via the Rizon Jet FBO at London Biggin Hill, or just visit us for your meeting, you won’t want to hurry through. You’ll want to take a moment to relax, catch your breath and indulge in the services and hospitality that we can lavish upon you.  That doesn’t mean slowing you down either; everything you are likely to need from administrative services to Saville Row suits and beyond is just a request away.  

… it’s productive 

When your week is a whirlwind of meetings across Europe, you’ll relish the time you spend at Rizon Jet. We give you the freedom you need to slow down, while increasing your productivity – providing a level of service that’s unfamiliar even in the rarefied world of business aviation.  The Rizon Jet facility is a time machine; here we can slow down your hectic schedule while improving your time management. Our approach to business flying helps you to recover value and productivity, because our professionals recognise what is important to you and know how best to support your day.

Most FBOs are process-led. They aim to get you through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can do that too, if that’s what you need. But we specialise in bringing the levels of luxury you enjoy in your aircraft cabin to your experience of using our facility. Once you’ve absorbed and enjoyed the complete complimentary FBO service at Rizon Jet, we guarantee you’ll be back – again and again.

… it’s personal 

We want to know you. We want to get involved. We want to learn your preferences and priorities; all this so we can bring to you the level of service you deserve as a business aviation user. Our investment in excellence and exclusivity is tangible: a £30m facility and talented people here to make your comfort and well-being our foremost priority.  We bring an intelligence and a dynamism to the business aviation market that you have never seen before. And it’s all for you.

Our aim is to make the entire experience of using Rizon Jet UK so memorable and so productive that it’s impossible for you to imagine using any other service or FBO.