Data Recovery

Want to Recover Data from Hard Drive?

A hard drive is a very common term that comes into our mind when we talk about a computer device. It is a non-volatile storing disk drive that can store data permanently and can also retrieve data on a computer. It is actually a secondary storage device that is comprised of one or more platters […]


What to do when Epson Printer not Printing?

There could be several causes of why your Epson printer not printing properly. Your prints could be streaked with lines, incomplete, or fainted or there is a chance that your printer has a clogged nozzle which is a common problem faced by users. Maybe your Epson printers aren’t responding to the commands or can’t even […]


How to Block Apps from Accessing the Internet?

Often it happens that you want your applications online which are connected to the local network and also some greater internet. Therefore there are also times when we want to prevent it from connecting to the internet. Yet before jumping into the procedure of how to block some of the apps from accessing the internet […]


How to Setup if JSON Files are not Working on Windows 10?

The JSON Files which are failing to open is a common problem faced by the users of Windows. They are often faced with the problems of files not opening. Recently, many of the users complain that the JSON Files are not working on the windows. Yet before jumping into the solution in order to resolve […]